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Earthly Life is Intertwined with Lunar Rhythms

Welcome to Moon Haven Astrology, a space devoted to helping you return back to living in sync with the cycles of the Moon, the rhythm of nature.

Counter to today's popular culture, you were never meant to be a productivity machine around the clock. Like everything on planet Earth you have a cycle of gestation, initiation, cultivation, blossoming, harvest, distribution, and rest.

When we live out of sync with our inherent personal rhythm we lose touch with our personal spark of genius, not to mention the world that is our home. We become aimless, uninspired, disconnected, and wildly hungry.

Hungry for what? Satiation. Fulfillment. Relationship. Sensation. Roots. Authenticity.

Our ancestors were wise, observing how the Moon governed the growth and decay of all things on Earth both literally and spiritually. This is embedded in ancient astrology the world over, and something we can return to, today.

Your personal Lunar cycles can help you reach greater health, inspiration, creativity, joy, success, spiritual depth, and natural harmony.

Mother Luna can be your companion to rebel against the destructive idea that we can endlessly extract from our bodies and our planet. She can teach us the wisdom of waxing and waning, and the magic of divine timing.

Moon Haven Astrology is here to help you do just that: experience the beautiful sanctuary of this Earth by being harmonized with the natural cycle your body was born to dance with.

Photo by Luca Bravo / Unsplash

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