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About Amaya

Amaya Rourke is an astrologer and spiritual counselor specializing in lunar cycles and fixed stars, obsessed with how to live a deeply enchanted daily life with full embodiment and presence.

Amaya has light red hair that hits her shoulders, pale skin, and blue eyes.
Amaya Rourke, Winter 2023

Hello beautiful Moonbeam, I’m Amaya

My journey to full and authentic spiritual embodiment has been anything but direct. And it’s far from complete—it’s a lifetime journey!

In fact, there was a time not too long ago that I would have never dreamed of helping facilitate others to learn about their physical and emotional tides for greater presence and joy in their lives. Yet, we could say that it was destiny.

Far before I became an astrologer, I was a lost young adult who thought the greatest purpose I could serve was to make a million dollar company. I had bought hook-line-and-sinker into the myth of endless productivity, growth, and hustle-culture.

By my mid-20s I was a workaholic who was rapidly finding that life was pointless and devoid of all enchantment. Despite being a high-achieving person, nothing ever felt satisfying. Rather than stop and examine what I was doing, I just kept plowing on… until disaster struck.

Chronic illness was a blessing in disguise, an awakener to the destructive path I had been careening down. For the first time in my life I had nothing but time to really examine what was going on and the ideas I had been sold.

I had to face the fact that I was no longer built to work 16 hour days with 4 hours of sleep—and I began to question if I ever was really built for that pace to begin with.

I realized the system was totally rigged and broken if my thriving would come at the cost of extracting my own vital force until nothing was left, much like what is happening to our precious Earth (as above, so below).

Slower and Closer

Slowing down reawakened me to the beauty of our living world, and allowed me to repair my connection to life itself, rooting me deeply into the spiritually embodied experience of existence.

As l learned to navigate the terrain of being chronically ill, I took slow long walks whenever I could.

During the day I would discover the enchantment of our living world, how it moved at the pace that I was slowed into.

During the night I would look at our breathtaking sky, beginning to notice the movement of the stars and the dance of the Moon.

Inspired by the night sky, I began to explore the idea of how to live in sync with nature’s spiritually-embodied cycles… Which led me to learning astrology.

This was a huge game-changer, as it gave me a framework I could apply to my very modern life, playing to my strengths and natural personal pacing, addressing my personal needs, and helping me overcome challenges.

What surprised me as I began to learn astrology was how important the Moon was in human history and in spiritual context, yet how much it is downplayed (or ignored) by most modern practitioners.

By Moonlight and Moonbeam

Around the globe Luna was the original celestial body by which we judged the quality of time. The dance between the Sun and Moon would tell us the difference between day and night, but the qualitative difference of time was measured by the change in Moon phases. The words moment, memory, month, mind, and Monday are all derived from the same root as the word Moon—for good reason.

As time goes on the Moon is known as the generatrix who governs all growth and decay on Earth. As esoteric as that may seem, there’s countless studies showing that the Moon governs more than just oceanic tides (which I talk about extensively in my longer articles and social media posts).

In short, the Moon’s waxing and waning is the rhythm of nature itself… And whether we feel like it today, or not, we are also part of nature.

Is it any surprise that for centuries we worked with the cycles of the Moon for every part of our lives? Not only did we time planting, weeding, and harvesting our crops, but we’d also time breeding farm animals, raising a house, cutting hair, doing surgery, and much more.

In the continuum of the physical and the spiritual, the Moon is the great connector between these spaces. We have been timing devotion and ritual with the movement of the Moon since the dawn of time, and today that’s reflected in how global religions have major holidays coinciding with particular Moons throughout the year.

Moon Struck

The more I learned about the Moon, the more I craved living by her rhythms and intimations. Knowing when to rest and when to act. When to plant and when to harvest. When to compost and when to weed.

More than just gardening metaphors, this happens in our life on a cyclical basis both within and outside of us.

Most importantly, the Moon has taught me that our embodied experience determines our ability to engage with the enchantment and spiritual nature of this world and within ourselves—as well as the ability to feel rooted and at home.

When we feel rushed, out-of-sync, unsafe, or disconnected from our own rhythms our lives begin to feel aimless, uninspired, untethered, malnourished. When we reach that state of imbalance an insatiable hunger arises.

We can see the result of this insatiable hunger in the world right now, as our precious home is depleted of her natural treasures for the sake of a destructive myth: unmitigated, endless growth.

Outside of ecological destruction, it’s destroying humans too—our vital force and authenticity is extracted from us with little compunction when we remain blind to our own rhythms and their unique ways.

From my own experience of going from obsessive girl-bossing and status-chasing to being forced to respect my body’s rhythms whether I wanted to or not, I truly believe that the more fully spiritually-embodied we are, the faster that not only will our lives be abundant in vitality, but we will heal the Earth, too.

They are a reflection of the same need. The need to return to nature’s rhythm, as orchestrated by Mother Luna.

Moon Haven Astrology

After years and many iterations of being a professional astrologer and spiritual counselor, this is what I hope my greatest contribution will be: to help normal people, like you and me, escape the destructive hamster wheel of “modern” time keeping, and come back to the true pace of our wonderful, vibrant animal selves that are deeply connected to the world and guided by the wisdom of the Moon.

I aspire to guide my clients in cultivating a deeply nourishing and co-creative relationship with the quiet rumbling of deep enchantment and living art of the more-than-human world—starting with getting deeply in touch with their core spiritually-embodied self with its unique crucial rhythms. The better your relationship with your spiritual embodiment, the more you are able to have a deeply enchanted life in relationship with the world around you.

My hope is to help you rewild and reroot within your particular cradled place in the cosmic ecosystem. You belong, you are vital, you are beloved, you are never alone. Home is where your feet touch the pulsing heartbeat of the soil--if you retune yourself to sense it and dance to the beat.

My dream is for you to reawaken to the call of co-creativity that comes from seeing your life as living art, and the mundane as incredibly magical at all given moments--whether in motion or at rest, whether waxing or waning, by the uncanny dark Moon or the biggest super Moon you've ever seen in the night sky. All of it is worthy of our presence.

To quote Wendell Berry:

"We pray not for heaven and earth, but to be quiet in heart, and clear in eye. What we need is here."

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