About Amaya

Amaya Rourke is an astrologer and spiritual counselor specializing in lunar cycles and fixed stars, obsessed with how to live a deeply enchanted daily life with full embodiment and presence.

About Amaya
Are you ready to begin your journey into the lunar lands? 

Hello, I'm Amaya, a verdigris shapeshifter of a folk witch who engages in spirit work (particularly of the terrestrial and land variety), divination of both the sky and cards, and is known to whisper to the spirits of plants while gardening or crafting some folk occult herbalism. The Moon is my mistress, guiding me on these hidden crooked paths, and the Stars act as sign posts and storytellers to illuminate new twists and turns.

I am fascinated by the relationship we have with our animate and enspirited world, illuminated by the hypnotic night sky. Star gazing is a form of praxis and poetry, and each of us are part of the mythopoetic dance.

Ancient astrology called to me, because we live in a complex world. Our charts represent more than our personality and internal experience--they represent the space we occupy and the quality of experience we can expect, the people in our lives (both seen and unseen, human and more-than-human), the upcoming events and themes for our journey, and so much more.

Each chart not only outlines our strengths and advantages, but also our challenges. Astrology should be practical, easy to understand, and actionable--otherwise its just naval gazing that over-inflates our egos or leaves us anxious and unavailable to participate in the present.

Life is a giant cosmic cauldron of soup, and we are but one ingredient that experiences the profound chemical reactions of circumstance, conditioning, social systems, other people in our lives, and timing. Our choices are limited to the constrictions of those things.

There is such a thing as divine timing and destined purpose within this realm, for each individual. My job is to help you identify and tap into those possibilities, so you can make the most of every moment. I'm here to be a witness and testify to your beautiful, messy life, while helping you make the most out of whatever you have at hand.

As your astrologer I believe it's my job to help you see what the road ahead looks like, and empower you to make the best available choices in a given moment.

When we work together, it's my sincere hope that we can help you tap into the timing of the universe that is unique to YOU and your chart, and ride the waves of fortune, as well as weather the storms, with as much grace as possible.

I also work with you to remediate chart imbalances--the repeated habits, behaviors, and cycles that trip us up and keep us locked into a holding pattern.

Rather than beating yourself up about self-sabotage, we will work together to mundanely and magically balance the scales in your precious natal chart, learn how to utilize your pre-existing strengths and abilities, and help you reach your greatest peace-of-mind, self acceptance, and potential.

Together we'll find your place in the world and chart the route to fulfill your destiny as professed by the stars.

As a teacher, I am not here to give you everything, that robs you of the experience you need to go through, which is both a wonderful teacher in itself and also the only way it becomes embodied knowledge.

Thank you for being one of my companions on this wild and weedy journey through life--it is my privilege to witness the brilliance of your being.

I'm blessed to be in perpetual apprenticeship and service to the many lands and their spirits that I have visited, explored, and inhabited. At this time in particular I have been called by a bog, pasturelands, hedgeways, forests, and a glacial pass in my local space. You will often see them in photographs when they permit me to record their presence.

This is merely a fraction of the many influences, teachers, and helpers who have brought me down the path I now walk, and I am forever grateful to have been an apprentice in a time so rich in shared wisdom and experience.

I am a lifelong student who practices Hellenistic, Medieval, Renaissance, and Egyptian and Babylonian Fixed Star astrology (grouped as Ancient Astrology), esotericism, ancestral veneration and healing, mythopoetics, and land practices for several years.

My learning has included self-paced classes from Samuel F. Reynolds, Daniel Foor of Ancestral Medicine, Demetra George, Dr. Bernadette Brady, Kelly Surtees, Austin Coppock, Chris Brennan, Christopher Warnock, and Robert Hand.

Over a few years I was mentored and received counseling from the knowledgeable and soulful Samuel F. Reynolds.

I am indebted to the written work of the late Diana Rosenberg, as well as the living work of writers/bards Martin Shaw, Claude Lecouteux, Carlo Ginzburg, Eva Pocs, Radomir Ristic, Claude Lecouteux, Daniel Schulke, Emma Wilby, Corinne Boyer, Robin Wall Kimmerer, Sharon Blackie, Timothy Morton, Lucy Pearce, Suzanne Simard, Donna Harroway, Wendell Berry, Mary Oliver, Anna Lowenhaupt Tsing, Manchan Magan, Jemma Wadham, Eduardo Kohn, Sara Maitland, Barry Lopez, Anthony Murphy, Elizabeth Mowry, Lora O'Brien, Daragh Smyth, Bayo Akomolafe, Sorita D'este, Morgan Daimler, Julia Cameron, Robert MacFarlane, Tyson Yunkaporta, Joseph Sansonese, Andri Snær Magnason, Brene Brown, David Abrams, Josh Schrei, and many others.

My work would not be what it is without the too-many-to-mention peers whom I am so very blessed and lucky to have relationships with. A non-exhaustive list includes my dear friends Maeg Keene, Diana Rose Harper, Pallas Augustine, Sasha Ravitch, Kirah Tabourn, Christa Lei Sonido, Bear Ryver, Gabe Rosas, Jason Lay, and Jake Green--to name and honor a very few.