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Creative, astrological, spiritual, and magical workshops and classes that are centered on animistic relationship-driven praxis, and accessibility for all levels of spiritual seeker and magical practitioner.

A photo of a pale hand emerging from the darkness, with two ripe and dripping blackberry in the center of the palm.
Ritually collected blackberries from one of our magical pilgrimages in 2020

My partner and longtime occultist Damien Rourke has collaborated with me to write and teach creative, astrological, spiritual, and magical workshops and classes that are centered on animistic relationship-driven praxis, and accessibility.

Focusing on deepening within the vital foundations of spiritual and magical praxis, our classes are designed for everyone from the complete novice to the advanced practitioner. Our goal is to help you cultivate a daily living praxis that is imminently doable, deeply nourishing, awakens you to the enchantment of every moment, and helps you seamlessly connect and build relationships with the more-than-human that is both seen and unseen.

700+ students and counting, with various levels of experience and knowledge, have taken our classes with phenomenal and consistent results, whether their goals are...

All of our classes include lifetime streaming access to all content and bonuses, as well as the ability to email us personally for assistance as you dance through the labyrinth of cultivating a relationally-enchanted and co-creative life with the countless more-than-human peoples both seen and unseen, divine and profane.

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Fall Under the Spell of the Fixed Stars

The Basics of Classic Fixed Star Astrological Magic

Nicolaus Copernicus said, "Of all things visible, the highest is the heaven of the Fixed Stars."

Do you know why he said this?

For thousands of years the world's greatest mystics, magicians & mages have used the power of 'Fixed Stars' to greatly benefit their lives, and their family's lives, in incredible ways.

Fixed Star magic has been done since before even the time of Hellenistic Astrology’s emergence when our oldest ancestors around the world would time their agricultural and religious activities by the movements of the Stars and Moon.

Even the original astrology of the Babylonians was Stellar and Lunar based before they shifted to a Solar-Planetary based astrology in the Neo-Babylonian period. The Egyptians, ancient Incas, Northern-European Celts, Chinese, Aboriginals, Native Americans, and countless other cultures were engaging with the stars.

More than just predicting the future or making aphorisms, the Stars and Moon were the luminous guides of daily life, connecting our stellar spirits back to our earthly paradise. From agricultural to religious calendars to magic itself--the Stars and Moon have been the central locus of the most ancient and primal of creative human and more-than-human life.

Recorded live as the Moon darkened and was primed for sorcerous acts, during the halfway mark between the Autumn Equinox and Winter Solstice, I was joined by more than 200 stellar devotees in learning how to reorient their lives by creating a magical praxis with our most ancient of partners: the stellar night sky.

It is now available for instant streaming access for the first time!

If you’ve ever felt the magic of the stars calling to you as you gaze into the sky…

If you’ve ever wanted a consistent presence of their magic in your life…

If you want to tap into the magic of ancestors around the globe, the magic of stellar-terrestrial relationships…

Gain instant access and join the 200+ other star lovers and budding magicians in learning how to utilize Fixed Star Magic!

This is an instant lifetime access streaming workshop within our Thinkific class portal!

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The Path Chooses You 

The Spiritual Magic of the Natal Chart, House by House

There are few things I am absolutely certain of in life. But, one thing I know from the depths of my being is this: we’re each born with special spiritual and magical gifts, latent and waiting for our attention…

And your astrological chart points the way!

In fact, your entire chart tells the story of what will spiritually nurture and fortify you, and what type of magic is calling out for you, waiting for you.

I’ve invested years of my life into research, personal praxis, and over 1000 one-to-one astrological chart readings as a professional. From this deep well-spring of experience I have devised a unique method for identifying the spiritual-leanings and magical potential of your chart.

At the heart, what I have discovered is that each house of a natal chart has a spiritual and magical gift. And, that, depending on your chart, specific houses will be easier to access and lean into than others.

In fact, most of us are already tapping into those gifts, but are often completely unaware!

I have so much more to share on this subject and this isn’t something I can write in a post.

So, if you can find the time to sit and spend a lovely evening with me, I would love to share with you everything I have learned about The Spiritual Magic of the Natal Chart.

Together, we will explore this Magic of your natal chart, house by house, in a way that is both practical and exciting.

This is an instant lifetime access streaming workshop within our Thinkific class portal!

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The Eternal Flame

Candle Magic and Sorcery of Fire Masterclass

By far the most popular magic class we've taught, with over 500 students and counting! A complete 13 week course that takes you from novice to experienced Candle Magician.

The beautiful thing about candle magic is this: it’s a great system of magic even if you don’t have a current spiritual practice.

Candle magic will serve you exceptionally well if you’re new to the occult world and unsure about your path.

I know skillful magicians and occultists whose sole practice IS candle magic.

And, if you already have a practice or devotion, candle magic can be used to enhance and deepen your power, experiences, abilities, and results!

All without disrupting your practice in the least.

Harness this ancient & trusted form of magic for any need or desire in your life:

This is an instant lifetime access streaming workshop within our Thinkific class portal!

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Living Archeus

Protection Magic Protocol

After becoming teachers in the occult community, my partner Damien and I began to notice a troubling trend. Malefica, intense psychic attacks, and much worse was happening behind the scenes at an alarming rate. Not only did we experience this ourselves (jealousy is one hell of a motivator), but we had to help out numerous students that were experiencing clear signs of being under malefic spiritual and magical attack.

We began to dig deep into redefining what spiritual, magical, and psychic attacks are, how they occur... and more importantly... how to fortify yourself to be less prone to their effects before malefica is even cast. As the research continued, it took the shape of a workshop to help people armor their hearts in a world land-mined with countless situations and people that will drain your life force--both intentionally AND unintentionally.

Rather than depending on spells and charms that only treat the symptoms, our unique Living Archeus system is a practice for ongoing fortification of your Spiritual Immune System, strengthening your spiritual body to be less prone and open to various different attacks in your daily life... As well as creating internal coherence that prevents you from being the accidental attack towards someone else.

This is an instant lifetime access streaming workshop within our Thinkific class portal!

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Unbreakable Bonds

Ethical Relationship Magic Protocol

A proven system of ethical relationship magic that cultivates more passionate relationships, helps heal fractured intimacy, and builds deeper intimate connections... in as little as 45 minutes a week!

(If you want an excellent free magical primer on this topic, you can head to this page.)

The methodology you will learn functions flawlessly in any spiritual practice, faith, or no practice at all. This material is far more effective than modern, mundane spellcraft.

Unbreakable Bonds is an ethical and  holistic approach to Relationship Magic that utilizes 3 proprietary practices explicitly created for this workshop.

These practices can be applied to ANY type of relationship: spouse, lover, parent, sibling, child & close friends:

This is an instant lifetime access streaming workshop within our Thinkific class portal!

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