The End is the Beginning: Leaning Into Retrogrades

Reminder that the sale ends tomorrow! The key to weathering transits that are popularly deemed "bad" or "scary" is to lean into their significations on purpose. Dance with that planet in the area of life (the house) that it's currently focusing on.

The End is the Beginning: Leaning Into Retrogrades



One of my favorite parts of astrology is how it demonstrates divine timing and synchrony--and gives us an opportunity to join in the wibbly-wobbly-timey-wimey dance of Kairos.

In my case, I designed the current final sale of my past classes and workshops to coordinate with Mercury stationing direct and the Moon's final travels through the dark towards her first Crescent Phase.

This was a decision made early in the (just passed) Venus retrograde, whom has been in a prolonged waltz through my 10th House (the house conventionally associated with career, the work you put into the public world, and reputation). Her journey has coincided with the final process of a very long initiation and spiritual call in my life, which has profoundly affected the way I'll show up and serve publicly.  

I chose to clean house and tie up loose ends for the duration of the Mercury retrograde in Virgo, as this is a good time to review, revisit, reconstruct, and renegotiate projects and commitments with finer details. Gathering, organizing, and filling in any gaps for the classes that I've made in the past was quite an undertaking--but one which was tuned well for this specific transit. This included having patience and several back-ups, just in case something did not go according to plan.

Did I mention that Mercury is my Lord of the Year by ascendant, and Venus is my Lord of the Year by sect light?

By intentionally embracing the sloughing of old skins, the invitation to participate in endings (which clear the way for future beginnings), I've mitigated the worst possibilities of these transits to great affect. Dare I say I was... empowered during this time? That I felt at peace? That through any (internal, personal) pain that I experienced, I felt there was a greater purpose to the change I felt shapeshifting around me? That I felt like I was swimming with the current of change, rather than swept up and drowning?

The key to weathering transits that are popularly deemed "bad" or "scary" is to lean into their significations on purpose. Dance with that planet in the area of life (the house) that it's currently focusing on.

You can't control everything (after all, your chart is about the entire ecosystem of your life, not just you), but in learning to move with transits we are learning to synchronize within and even have a say in the quality of time, rather than experiencing it as a linear thing happening to us regardless of participation.

Is it always easy to lean into what we feel and see coming with upcoming transits? Oh hell no! It can be downright scary! But part of the gift (and burden) of celestial knowledge is learning the skill of girding our loins and doing the scary thing anyways.

Our relationship to the cosmos is directly determined by our willingness to participate and honor the cycles we are gifted to see.

Speaking of which...

After September 18, all the classes listed below will no longer be available for purchase and will go in the vault.

Please note that all listed prices are already marked down and they are final!

Each class has an instantly downloadable zip file containing all class material so you can take the class at your own pace and return to it as often as you desire.

“When I was first learning magic (on purpose), I wanted whatever I learned to be accessible, immediately hands-on, and taught by people with integrity. I didn’t need to feel intimidated or any barriers to getting started practicing. Which is why I am so glad one of my first classes I ever took was Amaya and Damien’s Candle Magic Class. It is exactly that.” -Maeg

What classes are on sale?

photo of smoldering roses burning to embers, with the title of the class beneath

The Eternal Flame: Candle Magic and Sorcery of Flame 13 Week Masterclass  - $197.00

A complete system of candle magic created for any level of practitioner, from complete beginner to the more experienced. Perfect for those who want to utilize candes in devotion or theurgy, as well as those who want to have a robust and effective process of operative magic. This is by far the most popular class that my partner and I have co-created, with over 500 students to date!

“I’m only a couple lessons into the candle magic class and I tried one petition using the outlined method, and I was blown away by how effective it was. Amaya and Damien are great teachers, their educational content is chef’s kiss.” -Stephanie
a blue nebula dotted with stars with the title of the class overlayed

Under the Spell of the Fixed Stars: Fixed Star Astrological Magic Workshop - $55

A workshop that outlines the process of electing for fixed star magical elections, as well as a process for completing the work in the time alotted (which is more of a challenge than most people understand when first getting into astrological magic). This includes extensive resources and talking a bit about magical philosophy.

“Amaya’s workshop on Fixed Star Magic is the perfect entrance into astrological magic with an animistic cosmology. Not only will you walk away with the basics of electing for fixed star talismans, but also a healthy perspective on building spirit relationships beforehand, and the process for completing the talisman during the elected window. She not only teaches the how-to, but the soul of a practice.”-Jonathon
a beam of light breaking through a foggy forest, overlayed by the title of the class

The Path Chooses You: The Spiritual Magic of the Natal Chart, House by House Workshop - $55

A lecture-salon styled workshop that takes the fundamentals of the houses in a birth chart, and talks about the magical implications for someone's spiritual and sorcerous path. This is a hybrid between extrapolating meaning from classic house meanings, and my own observations as a professional astrologer reading over 1500 charts.

“I followed the Path Chooses You workshop and as a healer with a thorn whose chart is dominated by malefics, I felt so comforted and validated. It made me look at my proclivities in a new light, a gentler way. It was (and still is) cathartically affirming.” -Briar
a beam of light highlighting two hands reaching for one another, the title of the class overlayed

Unbreakable Bonds: Ethical Relationship Magic Workshop - $47

A groundbreaking workshop explaining the spiritual energy of relationships (of all kinds), how to repair them, how to create stronger bonds, and how to healthily break bonds--with the guided tools for each process. As we continue sailing through the final shadow of Venus's retrograde, this is a perfect workshop to add to your tool belt.

“One of my favorite relationship-magics is something I learned from Amaya’s Unbreakable Bonds relationship magic class--this isn’t about coercive or codependent love magic, but instead about deeply nourishing a relationship for the benefit of everyone involved.”-Diana
brambles crawling up a barbed wire fence, overlayed by the title of the class

Living Archeus: Protection Magic Protocol Workshop - $47

A much needed workshop on the fundamentals of protection and spiritual hygeine. We go through the nitty gritty details of how psychic/spiritual/magical attacks are possible and how they work, as well as how to prevent them from happening at all. If you feel you are already under psychic/spiritual/magical attack we talk about how to rid yourself of the attack, too.

“What does it mean to have spiritual hygiene or experience some kind of attack? This is something I asked myself for years, not knowing I was experiencing the affects of spiritual malefica on a consistent basis. Amaya and Damien completely decode how all of this works--and what to do to not only prevent it, but also treat any ongoing breaches of safety. I can’t thank them enough for getting through to me; my life is profoundly better for it.“ -Dan

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