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ICYM! Last Chance: Fixed Star Readings

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My current fixed star readings are being retired, so time is of the essence to book yours!


In the haze of the Eclipse and Mercury retrograde there were many technical hiccups on my end, and it’s likely you missed an important announcement I made regarding fixed star readings.

EDIT: All accessibility and low-cost spots for the month of May have been claimed. If you'd like to sponsor my work to aid more accessibility you can email me directly:

At the end of June 2023 my fixed star readings will be retired.

EDIT: May books are completely filled, but June still has some availability open!

If you’ve been waiting to get this reading, time is of the essence. You can book directly here:

Book Your Reading

To simplify the process of booking, I’ve changed the reading selection to simply “fixed star reading” with a more specific booking form to help you customize your reading to your preferred focus and level of understanding of the fixed stars.

What do people say about this reading?

“I’ve been processing my incredible reading with Amaya all day. I am feeling so resourced with practical, immensely applicable ways to navigate so many of the stars in my nativity that are almost too close and heavy for me to see by myself. My head is swirling with Arthurian-mytho-topography and a renewed empowerment over my sense of destiny and purpose. I cannot recommend Amaya enough–thank you for being my Merlin today.” - Sasha Ravitch


“Amaya is uniquely talented at shining light on the many layers of celestial powers in our charts and lives. Her knowledge of fixed stars is especially impressive and vast, and she is thoughtful and compassionate as a guide to these realms. Amaya has helped illuminate very meaningful connections to specific fixed stars in my chart, describing their roots in ancient mythology that offer beautiful narratives that connect to my personal energy and experiences. Her intuitive and divination abilities are also superb, which makes the readings I’ve had with her really targeted and supportive. I’m grateful for her keen insight and guidance, and love the helpful recommendations she provides for veneration practices.” - Allison U.


“I had an amazing reading with the incredible Amaya on the stars of eminence in my natal chart. It was nourishing and affirming to see how certain stars influence has shaped my life significantly, not to mention seeing how those traits reflect on my spirit guides and their influence in my life. This was a wonderful end of the year treat for myself that I was heavily guided to take and I am delighted I did. Amaya is an incredible astrologer and the way she wove the myths around each star to tell the story of their influence is nothing short of magical.” - Frida Odinsdottir


“On Palm Sunday, a holy green-bough-bearing day, I had a fixed star reading with folk witch, astrologer-animist Amaya Rourke. Amaya’s work plucks an ancient fabled silver harp that many, I think, are longing to hear when it comes to courting the celestial spheres. It’s a song about being in relationship with the star stories and scapes, and therefore with our own scintillating selves. In the Moon Haven I felt at times that I sipped tea by the heart of the town’s end wisewoman, and at others that I floated in the soundest of vessels through an ocean of sky with a star-sybil at the prow, Saturnine yet soft. I am still humming from the journey! I highly recommend Amaya’s work, and getting yourself a reading!” - Meg Wall


I’ve been abundantly privileged to give 1500 of these readings over the past several years, honing and weaving the stories of the stars from the shared experiences of so many magical star children.

This has led me to a crucial juncture in my practice where I feel the winds of change, but am not sure where they will take me next on the milky stellar road.

My love and devotion for the fixed stars is unwavering, and I will continue the vital interweaving of the stars with other readings I offer, as they wink and blink for my attention in a session.

However, to discover and co-create what is next, I need to make space from the pointedly specific fixed star readings. I need time to be still within those stories, and listen to the wise and enchanted whispered melody of starlight guiding me to the next footpath in the velvet nocturnal wilderness.

Fixed star magic workshop (this is also likely to be retired in the near future, so grab it while it's still available):  

A basic interpretive framework for fixed star parans:

My personally vetted and selected resources for learning more about fixed stars:

Free devotional relationship building and tarot conversation PDF downloads:

Thank you so much for being part of this journey, I truly could not do it without each and every one of you!

Sending you the light of the stars,



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