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Measuring Moons + Full Moonscope April 6-8, 2023

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How do we precisely measure Moon phases for mundane and magical timing, and reading a birth chart? Plus the Lunar horoscopes for April 6-8, 2023

A big Full Moon rising over lavendar-tinged mountain tops, and a dock leading into lavender clouds.

Happy Full Moon in Libra, Moonbeams!

Before I dive into some tips for the next few days of Moon cycles, just a reminder that my April books are still open for consultations. Here is a quick description of the new readings, to help eliminate any confusion:

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Measuring Moons

Browsing social media you may have noticed a range of days where people are wishing you a happy Full Moon. Understandably, this can be confusing–when is it actually happening?

If we go by visual astrology, this is easy to determine. Generally speaking, when the Moon seems to be fully illuminated and round, this is the Full Moon. This will go on for a few days.

But what happens when we look at mundane cycles, ritual timing, or in a natal chart? Precision becomes a lot more important.

Traditionally, a Full Moon is from the exact point of opposition between the Moon and Sun, up to 44 degrees after the opposition (which is 224 degrees away from the Sun).

An astrology chart displaying a Waxing Gibbous Moon, as it is applying (moving towards) the exact opposition to the Moon (which will occur at 16 degrees Aries and 16 degrees Libra)
A Waxing Gibbous Moon, as it is applying (moving towards) the exact opposition to the Moon (which will occur at 16 degrees Aries and 16 degrees Libra)
An astrology chart showing the start of the Full Moon with the exact opposition of the Sun and Moon. The Sun is at 16 degrees Aries, and the Moon is exactly opposite at 16 degrees Libra.
The start of the Full Moon with the exact opposition of the Sun and Moon. The Sun is at 16 degrees Aries, and the Moon is exactly opposite at 16 degrees Libra. 

Right now, we can say definitively that we’re in a Full Moon phase because the Moon has just passed the exact opposition point. The Full Moon opposition occurred early this morning in Ireland (late last night for those in the United States), and the Moon will travel through that Full Moon state for roughly the next 2 days.

A chart displaying that the Full Moon phase will last roughly until the Moon reaches the end of Scorpio.
The Full Moon phase will last roughly until the Moon reaches the end of Scorpio.
A chart displaying the Moon at 29 degrees Scorpio, about to enter the Disseminating/Waning Gibbous phase and begin losing light.
The Moon at 29 degrees Scorpio, about to enter the Disseminating/Waning Gibbous phase and begin losing light.

These precision points are important for different reasons–particularly when trying to sync with the energy and tides of a particular Moon phase.

Leading up the Full Moon, we have the Waxing Gibbous Moon. (Waxing means that the Moon is gaining light.)

In mundane cycles the Waxing Gibbous Moon phase will be when a project, idea, event, or major theme has the most steam, energy, productivity, urgency to act and urgency to improve or prepare. When the Moon becomes full, this is when things are finally brought to full illumination and that project, idea, event, or major theme reaches fulfillment or achievement, with a particular tension between continuation while also basking in seeing how whatever the cycle is bringing to fulfillment is affecting others.

This is the difference between the frantic moments preparing a rocket for takeoff, and when it actually lifts off and the entire crew celebrates (while simultaneously monitoring the rocket as it hits the atmosphere).

In magical cycles the Waxing Gibbous Moon is the preferred Moon phase for workings that require growth, generation, high energy, illumination, or magnetism. Typically it’s not advisable to magically work with the precise Full Moon, as direct contact between Sun and Moon is a bit like touching an unpredictable live wire–this is further amplified during eclipses. Instead it would be wise to choose the phase just before (Waxing Gibbous) or just after (Disseminating/Waning Gibbous), depending on what you’re trying to accomplish.

In a natal chart, someone with a Waxing Gibbous Moon is much more focused on preparation, improvement, refinement mastery, personal growth, self improvement. Those with a Full Moon in their chart is often focused on others due to the opposition of the Sun and Moon, perhaps even preoccupied with relational connections as well as how their actions affect other people, and needing to grapple with the tension of self versus the other on a regular basis. As a Full Moon there’s more of an instinctive quality, rather than a drive to improve and refine in a systematic or highly driven manner.

Both of these phases share the same level of vital energy, not to mention quite a lot of illumination which can make them more prone to being “seen” in a public sense, and both will have a quality of magnetism to them but for different reasons. (For those who have a Waxing Gibbous Moon within 5-ish degrees of that exact Full Moon opposition, you may feel a blend of these two energies in your life.)

Of course I’m speaking in general terms, as there are many other factors in a chart that can change when you want to do something, or how you experience your own natal Moon in your life. If you’re curious about this, I’d love to chat with you about it in a Lunar Rhythm or Lunar Shapeshifting session!

Moonscopes April 6 - 8, 2023:

Easter weekend is ushered in with a Full Moon. This is by design! Easter occurs after the first “paschal” Full Moon, which is the first Full Moon following the Spring Equinox (marked by the beginning of Tropical Aries season, as the Sun enters Aries and the days begin to lengthen).

A big Full Moon rising over lavendar-tinged mountain tops, and a dock leading into lavender clouds.

It’s normal during the Full Moon to feel a near excess of energy and even experience some sleep disturbances. Make the most of this energy by doing your most physically or mentally strenuous activities from April 6 to April 9.

Full Moons are a great time for the fruits of your efforts to blossom. Make that work presentation or share that cool thing you’ve been creating. However, beware that Full Moon comes with full illumination, including the ability to reveal whatever needs to be finalized because it hasn’t been fully completed.

Physiologically the goal is to burn off the excess energy, so that you can get deeper rest at night. Since the Moon will be rolling through both Libra and Scorpio, a great physical activity that appeals to both would be a sensual dance such as the Argentine Tango, the Puerto Rican Salsa, or the African Kizombo.

If all else fails I recommend getting away from screens a few hours before bed, drinking teas from some calming herbs such as passion flower or lemon balm, and snuggling up to someone you love to co-regulate.

The Moon will move through Libra on April 6. This is a great time to socialize, indulge in beauty by adorning yourself with it and learning about it (highly recommend going to a museum, art gallery, or watching a movie). Putting your hand to poetry, love letters, or creative writing is especially inspired with a Full Moon in the sign of Venus, while Venus is in her home in Taurus. Take extra time to observe your surroundings and find luxury in simple but refine forms, such as budding flowers, beautiful cloud formations, or the way those lover’s hands intertwine walking down the street.

As the Moon switches into Scorpio from April 7 to April 8, it’s a good time to be more selective with your company and favor close intimacy. In fact, with the Moon moving into a nice trine with Saturn in Pisces, the theme is distinctly "slower and closer".

Scorpio Moons can come with substantial mental activity when they are not sufficiently physically engaged in their day-to-day lives. It becomes doubly important when the Moon is in a sign of Mars to completely burn your excess energy. Think about exercise that combines power with sensuality.

Scorpio Moon transits are a great time to dive deeper into our intuition, understanding the flow of energy in our bodies as well as in our immediate environment. Distinguishing between our own worries and anxieties, and when the vibes are truly off, is a cultivated skill that starts with stillness. Meditation, even a moving mediation, is excellent for this Martian warrior Moon to get to a zero point of clarity.

If you’re looking for a recharge, I recommend taking a nice lunar bath for the next couple of days. Salt water is a conduit, much like the Moon is the translator of light. Keep a journal handy for thoughts before and after. You’ll be surprised what’s illuminated.

Lastly, Full Moons are deeply relational, as the Moon and the Sun gaze directly at one another, and the Moon fills up with the warming light of the Sun. This is a great time to bask in the presence of your loved ones, as well as the beloved divinity that speaks to you. Presence is more important than perfection–how well can you bask in the light and warmth of another?


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