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Luminaries In and Out of Sect Podcast - Episode 22: Cancer Moon as Sect Light with Amaya Rourke

Description of the Episode:

"We spoke about the placement of Amaya’s Moon in the 9th Whole Sign House, but talked about many other things from the absorption of pagan practices into early Christianity, to the effects of the Moon’s cycles on marine animals’ mating habits, to the Myth of Hercules and the Hydra, and the way Cancer and Capricorn were viewed in Ancient Egypt. We talked about ‘Sleeping Beauty’ as a myth of the Moon. We talked about some of the differences between astrology and magic and other occult practices. Amaya spoke of her experience of the sensitivity that can accompany the Cancer Moon and suggestions for navigating that such as Vagus Nerve work and Breathwork. We discussed her Waxing Gibbous Moon phase, especially as it relates to constantly striving, as well as the effects of the Moon being Out Of Bounds. We also talked about The Lot of Fortune and profecting from different points, and how Secondary Progressions can modulate the natal lunar placement."

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