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Learning to Dream More Love in Pisces Season

4 min

Pisces season is a time to indulge in wonder, to let yourself be carried away in awe of something without the need to dissect or explain it's origins.

Storm clouds looming over the ocean during sunset, in my travels to Montenegro

A New Moon heralds the beginning of Pisces season, when the Sun travels through the sign of the double fish, knotted together in union, looking in both directions, swimming the entire breadth and depth of the cosmos.

This is a time to indulge in wonder, to let yourself be carried away in awe of something without the need to dissect or explain it's origins. To let yourself be totally swept up in the sensation and experience of something, letting it give rise to romantic nostalgia.

Living with a quadruple Pisces girlfriend has been a masterclass in exactly how Piscean peoples seem to have an endless well of magical creativity. It boils down to their utter refusal to accept a surface-level answer. Everything around them is potential poetry, and all possibilities are equally worth exploring.

Learning to return to your child-like vision of wonder and imagination is easiest when we have the language to do so. Language is more than words, but also symbols, images, sounds, tastes, movement, even textures and feelings. Pisces seeks to understand the subtle transmissions of our universe through these many layers of communication.

A leaf of grass is no less than the journey work of the stars - Walt Whitman

What I hope you learn through Pisces season is that the cosmos have already chosen you and romance you daily, you need only to accept and join the dance of romance with the universe.

You must have the brave audacity to become the polyglot of our many-languaged world. You must have the brave audacity to trust your personal subtle experience and feelings of the world--you must romance your intuition into the seat of the High Priestess, and trust what it shows you both in waking and in dreams.

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As we begin to swim through the ocean of dreams, I've also decided to release a few past workshops that help us fall even deeper in love with the cosmos and their many forms that permeate our terrestrial world.

My most requested class is now available for instant streaming access.

Fixed Star magic has been done since before even the time of Hellenistic Astrology’s emergence when our oldest ancestors around the world would time their agricultural and religious activities by the movements of the Stars and Moon.

More than just predicting the future or making aphorisms, the Stars and Moon were the luminous guides of daily life, connecting our stellar spirits back to our earthly paradise. From agricultural to religious calendars to magic itself--the Stars and Moon have been the central locus of the most ancient and primal of creative human and more-than-human life.

If you’ve ever felt the magic of the stars calling to you as you gaze into the sky…

If you’ve ever wanted a consistent presence of their magic in your life…

If you want to tap into the magic of ancestors around the globe, the magic of stellar-terrestrial relationships…

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We’re each born with special spiritual and magical gifts, latent and waiting for our attention… And your astrological chart points the way!

In fact, your entire chart tells the story of what will spiritually nurture and fortify you, and what type of magic is calling out for you, waiting for you.

Each house of a natal chart has a spiritual and magical gift. Depending on your chart, specific houses will be easier to access and lean into than others.

(In fact, most of us are already tapping into those gifts, but are often completely unaware!)

In this workshop we will explore this spiritual foundations and magical significations of the natal chart, house by house, in a way that is both practical and exciting.

This is an instant lifetime access streaming workshop within our Thinkific class portal!

I’ve also built a new page on my website for all of the currently available workshops and courses. This page will grow in size as I continue to finish tying up loose ends from last year’s technical meltdown. (Guess what’s next? The Algol workshop. Yes, I’m as excited as you are!)

I hope you are all basking in the dreamy dark waves of this Pisces New Moon, feeling the sparks of inspiration and healing swimming through the cenotes of your heart.


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