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Let us swim together into your personal wild and dreamy oceanic life full of potential and wonder and discover your natural state of embodiment that empowers your life for deep creativity and connection to the Earth.

Readings are closed for the months of August, and possibly September, so that I may focus on working with one of my patron spirits and let them guide me to the next change in my practices!

Enjoy the last days of Summer!

What You Can Expect

Helping You Connect to Both Sky and Earth

I take an interdisciplinary approach with my oracular methods that has a particular focus on lunar (Moon) cycles, fixed stars methodologies (conjunctions and parans), progression timing techniques, traditional (Hellenistic) astrological techniques, a repository of spiritual resources (my clients jokingly call me a living library), and my tarot and oracle cards are always at my side for divining time-sensitive answers.

During the reading I weave the technical training I have received in with my deep love of myth informed by earth's ecological cycles. When I sit with a client my goal is that they gain a sense of enchantment about their lives and how it deeply connects them to a wildly magical world in very pragmatic and consistent ways.

During a session clients are given key important dates, tips on how to become fully embodied in ways that feel comfortable to them, spiritual practice suggestions, magical prompts, mundane suggestions, and many references and tools to help them make the most out of what has been revealed.

I do not believe in gurus. I am not the final oracular authority on your life’s path or what your daily life, use of cycles, or spiritual practice should look like.

Instead, I aim to walk beside you as a companion, offering possibilities and feedback to help you sense the right choices in your gut and reveal the gifts and talents you may overlook in yourself. My ultimate goal is to help you reawaken to a wildly enchanted world that wants a personal relationship with the most wholehearted version of YOU that you can bring.

It is common for those who book a reading to have synchronistic confirmations of signs that are already occurring in their lives, which helps give themselves permission to move forward on the next important journey in their life.

Whether mundane, spiritual, or creative, together we can help root you deeper into a spiritually-embodied daily life where you can fully trust your intuition.

You can read what clients have to say on my testimonials page.