What people are saying about personal one-on-one astrology readings with Amaya Rourke and Moon Haven Astrology.



We so often hear the phrase "I feel seen", perhaps so often that it ceases to have the meaning it once did. Yet I can guarantee that the Lunar Rhythm reading by Amaya will do exactly that - you will feel not only seen but understood as Amaya coaches you through the intricacies of your chart as it relates to your emotional self. This reading helped me join a lot of dots and left me with practical, actionable steps that I can take to nourish myself in so many ways, but also to see how my chart pans out in my everyday life. Far from being this esoteric thing that shimmers in and out of focus depending on whatever the IG trends are pushing, your chart is a living, breathing reflection of you, and Amaya will help you to see it and learn how to make the most of it. I love Amaya's other readings and her fixed star work really helps your personality come into focus, but this Lunar Rhythm reading is a great introduction to Amaya's wonderful style, and how to use astrology in a way that is beneficial to you. There are few I would trust with my inner self as I trust Amaya, and I wholeheartedly recommend both being in community with her, and trusting her with your chart. You won't regret it.

Whitney Hill

The Lunar Rhythms session gave me fresh perspective into how I have not been listening to my body and spirit (and the burnout it continues to cause). Amaya offered clear and actionable suggestions for how to reset, gave me a realistic timeline for how long I might expect to need an easier pace than I've been allowing myself, and recommended further resources. I always appreciate the delivery of Amaya's advice as well, direct yet supportive and encouraging of the heart's calling. I'd recommend this to people who feel like they're in a transitionary period and need to figure out a new way not only of working, but of being. Thank you, Amaya!

Elizabeth C.

I find it hard to talk about my reading with Amaya because I'm not sure words will capture how powerful it was. From the start, it was clear to me that Amaya is incredibly intelligent, kind, hard working, gifted, and channeling beautiful wisdom from the heavens. I was lucky enough to secure one of the final Fixed Stars reading that Amaya used to offer. My reading was profound and immediately impactful. Amaya introduced me to allies in the star realm who are walking alongside me on this embodied journey and with whom I can now make conscious acquaintance. Normally, I wait months to re-read my notes from a reading but I returned to my notes from Amaya's reading within a few days and have already begun veneration of some of the fixed stars highlighted. I would say that her readings seemed effortless but Amaya pours her heart and soul into her work and her clients are handed a chest filled with soul treasures. I am confident that any session with Amaya would be powerful and life changing like the reading I received.

Samantha Wax

It's so refreshing to talk to someone with such a depth of understanding surrounding the topic of fixed stars, as they set the very foundations of astrology. During my session, I felt guided by Amaya's generous expertise of this dormant knowledge. There was so much respect and reverence for what is ancient, passed down through the epochs of time. From what I felt, I could tell she has an intimate relationship with the night sky and was a wonderfully engaging storyteller. She chose her words carefully to paint a beautiful tapestry of poetic mythos, weaving in and out of my narrative to create a beautifully vibrant and cohesive tale. I felt encouraged, witnessed, and held as she insightfully conveyed her personal mastery over the subject matter at hand. She also shared a wealth of resources and practices for those of us who want to continue our studies. I highly recommend experiencing it for yourself!


Having my reading done was one of the best things I’ve decided to do for myself. Amaya truly had an understanding of what people go through, especially those with Algol heavily in their chart. I felt like I could be open about everything that felt relevant to the reading. Amaya offered wonderful support materials that I find useful and activities available to heal and form a relationship with parts of yourself that may be hard to understand. I learned a lot more about myself and my fixed star parans. She helped me understand why I am who I am as a person. She provided many useful ways and resources to be the best version of myself, which is all anyone can ask for. Of course, you must apply what you’ve learned! I felt like a weight was lifted off my shoulders by being able to confide in someone who can understand what many cannot. I am so grateful to have had a reading with Amaya she has wonderful skills and advice to help live your journey as your whole hearted self. I would 1000% do this again!


I was so looking forward to reading with Amaya and deepening my understanding of the fixed stars in my chart. Her ability to interweave the stories of the stars with what we're experiencing down here on earth is stunning and I loved hearing how these timeless narratives are so alive in my life. I was truly captivated. Amaya is a gifted storyteller and teacher and it made the session an absolute joy. I learned so much and feel more confident about the path I'm on and that the stars will continue to guide me and for that I am so thankful!


I knew I wanted to get a reading from Amaya for awhile and I finally followed my guidance and did it. I am so glad I did as it truly activated things within me. She spoke about multiple fixed stars that were in my chart and told me things I never knew about, all of which deeply resonated with me and what I feel my purpose is. She has such wisdom in the mythology, but speaks about it all in a very realistic and approachable way - it’s like I know exactly where to go from here. Her wisdom is deep, usable and practical for all my real life needs. I would definitely get a reading from her if you are feeling called to - you will gain so much from what she has to offer.


My reading was profound, clarifying, and packed with useful information and insight. Amaya described perfectly so many things about me that she'd have no way of knowing, and a lot of themes came up in the reading that specifically relate to my life and the spiritual work I've been doing of late. The reading was rich with myth, imagery, and practical advice on how to work with my stars. Highly highly recommend!

Tom R.

It felt like the beginning of an incredible adventure, a cocktail of the familiar and unfamiliar, and full of genuine surprises and fascinating insights, very eloquently communicated. I’m really thrilled by the idea of taking this forward and returning for further consultation at a suitable time.


For me, Amaya closed the gap between theory and lived experience. The extent to which her delineations aligned with my feelings and experiences was eerie. I feel I am much better prepared for this next stage life thanks to her thoughtful and very applicable advice. For many women, the prospect of your twenties ending is daunting, and yet, this reading felt like a celebration of the aging process; I feel genuinely excited (and little overwhelmed) at what's yet to come. Overall, the experience felt galvanizing. I know I will return, over and over, to the recording of my reading for many years to come. I couldn't recommend Amaya more highly to people looking for a empathetic and highly knowledgeable practitioner.


Amaya provided an enlightened and enlightening fixed star reading for me.  Her depth of knowledge was supported by research and this made the reading truly special.  I found that her knowledge was grounded and inspired by natural gifts of insight and a true respect for the information she shared.  In a world of popular metaphysics, which is often superficialized and left weak with platitudes, I found her reading to be full of meaning and depth because her perceptions emerged from her personal experiences infused by her intimate relationships with the stars. Amaya provides a bridge between the intellectual and spiritual worlds, and this creates true magic.


It was truly a joy to have Amaya guide me through this fixed star reading. Amaya is a gifted reader: engaging, knowledgeable, wise, unconditionally accepting, and quite funny. I was immediately comfortable and able to be myself, which is a real gift when there is a potential to feel vulnerable and exposed. This reading was empowering and inspiring, providing both nuturance and actionable guidance. I appreciated the rich contex of mythology and complex, humanizing psychological implications of my star placements, as well as her personal and normalizing anecdotes for those placements that have a fearsome reputation. Insights, like fireworks, have been popping off in my mind, and, as I work to apply and integrate all I have gained in this reading, I know it will continue to stoke a process of expansion. Whether you're considering taking a class or having a reading, you will be satiated. Amaya's enthusiasm to impart the wealth of information she contains is immediately evident, and engenders excitement to take the plunge in - even if it's into an intimidating cavern, because you know she's holding your hand on the way in! I'm so glad I made the investment into this reading; I only wish I'd done it sooner! Amaya is a blessing in this world!


Amaya is able to seamlessly blend the historical, mythological, and modern contexts of the fixed stars into a reading which never comes across as lecture-y or preachy -- just full of knowledge, experience, and passion -- and it is SO. SATISFYING.  I came away from the reading understanding myself much better, and I'm excited to explore relationships with my stars (looking at you, Algol!) and continue learning!  My only regret is that the reading had to end ;D Amaya provided awesome resources during our chat and in her follow-up, so I'm definitely off to a great start!


I had a fixed star reading and was blessed with a wealth of information about the most prominent stars in my chart that was so eye opening, I was truly at a loss for words digesting it all. Having it as a recording to look back on is such a blessing because I am going back and really digesting it all. There is so much knowledge bestowed, not only historical and mythological perspectives translated to a modern context but also so much practical advice. A lot of my life experience was reflected back to me in the reading, and I left it armed with a list of practices that will help me in everyday life which is such a gift. This ended up being the medicine I have been looking for and I am so grateful for Amaya, her expertise, and her approach.

Sasha Ravitch

“I’ve been processing my incredible reading with Amaya all day. I am feeling so resourced with practical, immensely applicable ways to navigate so many of the stars in my nativity that are almost too close and heavy for me to see by myself. My head is swirling with Arthurian-mytho-topography and a renewed empowerment over my sense of destiny and purpose. I cannot recommend Amaya enough–thank you for being my Merlin today.”


Working with Amaya has been a both an awakening and homecoming to my deepest and wildest dreams. It is by no means easy work but Amaya tends to my emotional highs and lows like the moon, reflecting to me what I need most to see and guiding me with her light and wisdom through the darkness of creation. We are several years into our relational partnership in community building and I could not recommend Amaya enough for those who are ready to dream in real life and begin their world building journey to create a better and brighter future for present and future generations here and beyond.


Extending infinite thanks and blessings to Amaya for the lunar rhythms reading I received today. She helped me affirm so much of what I felt intuitively, providing me with the springboard I needed to leap into the next phase of my soul's journey. Thank you, so much.

Naomi M.

Amaya is a wealth of knowledge and experience. I came to her with tender wounds and she took exquisite care in my reading. What I really appreciate about her presence is that she is simultaneously serving no bullshit and compassionate in her approach at the same time. Her guidance and wisdom is highly valuable because it is very obvious she doesn’t just study the fixed stars—she has a relationship she actively cultivates with them. I’ll be recommending her work to my people and returning for readings myself in the future.

Frida Odinsdotter

“I had an amazing reading with the incredible Amaya on the stars of eminence in my natal chart. It was nourishing and affirming to see how certain stars influence has shaped my life significantly, not to mention seeing how those traits reflect on my spirit guides and their influence in my life. This was a wonderful end of the year treat for myself that I was heavily guided to take and I am delighted I did. Amaya is an incredible astrologer and the way she wove the myths around each star to tell the story of their influence is nothing short of magical.”

Allison U.

Amaya is uniquely talented at shining light on the many layers of celestial powers in our charts and lives. Her knowledge of fixed stars is especially impressive and vast, and she is thoughtful and compassionate as a guide to these realms. Amaya has helped illuminate very meaningful connections to specific fixed stars in my chart, describing their roots in ancient mythology that offer beautiful narratives that connect to my personal energy and experiences. Her intuitive and divination abilities are also superb, which makes the readings I’ve had with her really targeted and supportive. I’m grateful for her keen insight and guidance, and love the helpful recommendations she provides for veneration practices.

Ashley M.

Amaya is hilarious and no-nonsense. My magical path consultation with her was like speaking with a magical being of indeterminate age that I met out of nowhere at the edge of a wildflower meadow, and she handed me some juicy apples and sharp insights. I came out of our session with practical and applicable next steps for breathing life back into my artistic and magical practices after a year of wrestling with a difficult Pluto transit — I know I'll come back to our conversation again and again in the weeks ahead and I am deeply grateful.

Meg Wall

“On Palm Sunday, a holy green-bough-bearing day, I had a fixed star reading with folk witch, astrologer-animist Amaya Rourke. Amaya’s work plucks an ancient fabled silver harp that many, I think, are longing to hear when it comes to courting the celestial spheres. It’s a song about being in relationship with the star stories and scapes, and therefore with our own scintillating selves. In the Moon Haven I felt at times that I sipped tea by the heart of the town’s end wisewoman, and at others that I floated in the soundest of vessels through an ocean of sky with a star-sybil at the prow, Saturnine yet soft. I am still humming from the journey! I highly recommend Amaya’s work, and getting yourself a reading!”


I had a birthday reading with my new friend Amaya today and I am floored! It was amazing! She's super perceptive, direct, kind, and exactly on my wavelength! To get astrological remediation magic suggestions, right along with the reading? Stunning! Highly recommended!


“As a younger-career astrologer and budding animist and theurgist, working with Amaya has proven to be one of the best investments in education and guidance I’ve made. The amount of knowledge she has to disperse is encyclopedic, and it balances out with her immense capacity for empathy and honesty. She knows that everyone’s path is different, recognises it in her soul and adjusts accordingly in response to her clients. While extremely Saturnian and disciplined, Amaya’s deep love for her work and her students makes sessions with her grounded, practical and scalable. I am honored to call her my beloved mentor, and so happy to also call her a friend and colleague. The results of working with Amaya have helped me grow as an astrologer personally and professionally. With her indispensable advice and assistance, I was accepted as a first time speaker at an astrology conference! I’ve also learned where my strengths and confidences lie as a practitioner, and that alone, is worth the cost of working with her.”


“As I write this, evening has greeted my dwelling and with it a sense of peace. Moments ago I finished signing a lease agreement for a new home with my beloved. The time elected for the lease signing was a sweet one, with the honey drenched Sun in Libra ruling  the 4th house of home and foundations, and the Queen of sweetness and harmony and balance, Venus the bright Goddess herself, ruling the Ascendant, and the 1st house, or the very essence of the moment. This election was selected by Amaya, who in the midst of her own life, paused to consider the stars and ponder the spirits and find the right time for me and my boyfriend to enter more fully into our partnership, love, and shared sovereignty. Since I started working with Amaya over a year ago, she has walked me through fire, hailstorm, thunder and lightning, hurricane and fury. Amaya has helped me conjure the finest honey, recline in the sweetest truths, and ease into my being. When I found myself anxious and despondent, she provided the medicines of reality and the magic of the beyond to help ground me in the very precise moment in time I lived in. She has helped me to be me in the very moment I find myself in, while helping me wisely, and yet freely, leap into the future. The magical support that Amaya has provided has filled my cofers, expanded my imagination and defended me from all sorts of attacks both magical and mundane. The ongoing meetings have allowed me to come back to myself and my potential as a whole, rested, beloved child of spirit and ancestors, time and time again. The forecasting is always exact. Amaya never handles astrology in a way that triggers the nervous system, but in a way that soothes, inspires, instructs, exhorts, and supports. Without Amaya, I would have squandered this year. With Amaya, I have danced with both my humanity and divinity, and begun to find the sweetness between the two. If you have the opportunity to work with her, take it. It will be your becoming.”

Asphodelo Stregganio

I have just had a consult with Amaya and I have to say. Absolutely the best, the clarity with which my chart was explained has given me an insight to themes in my life and blown it wide open. I will be having follow up consults and my Fixed stars read soon. 10/10

Sam Reynolds

Learn more about the stars in astrology. So many are talking about "sidereal" astrology, but not saying jack about the actual stars! Learn from a meticulous learner and teacher.


ok and also, I’m totally won over on solar return readings. as a rule I tend to prefer astro as a reflective tool but Amaya made me feel SO solid for what’s in store, which in turn makes me trust my gut that much more, she’s such a gift y’all!!


I just finished being serenaded by Amaya's fixed star reading. Incredible on so many levels. Her insights and lofty story telling is grounded with bits of endearing commentary. She's helped remind me of how all of this work is a remembering of my connection to the divine. It's slightly overwhelming to hear of the work I am intended to do and I have so many questions I can't form words to. I think this is a wonderful problem to have. Anyways go get a reading from her. I was feeling deflated but Amaya's help me find the wind to get me moving again.


The fixed star reading by Amaya is so refreshing, full of insightful information and engaging stories! Highly recommended if you want to dig deeper into your true mission in this world.  <3


Had a consultation with Amaya yesterday and it was fantastic! SO much good information that I haven’t yet had time to process. Amaya was warm and a pleasure to talk to. Highly recommend if you are wondering what the year ahead. Also-remediation because I love homework!


My following is small + know this will receive scant attention however I want to say how great the reading with Amaya was for me. She is highly knowledgeable, can communicate brilliantly and the whole experience was very worthwhile. Highly recommend her services.


Loved my fixed star reading with Amaya and the tips and tricks to tap in. It spoke to a lot of what seen transpire in my life and gave me avenues to embrace what’s there. LOVED IT!


Now my turn to trumpet Amaya's praises! Her fixed star reading illuminated so many gaps I've always pondered on in my natal chart. It was such a treat to have her translate and animate these stories!!!! Keep the bookings going! (And gift for your loved ones?!)


Finally got my parans read by the lovely Amaya and it's true what they all say! It's like having your chart read in 4D instead of 2D by a talented storyteller. Brb, gotta overcome my trepidation and go purchase some Algol stuff immediately


I just finished up a wonderful reading with the brilliant Amaya talking about my fixed stars!!! her talent is truly special, and if you want a history and mythology lesson and an affirmation of your entire life story all rolled into one, book with Amaya


Amaya is a wizard! If you haven't had a fixed star reading I highly recommend it. It is shocking how each technique lines up with, colors, and adds details to others. My star reading was not what I'd anticipated but it was far more than I'd expected! Book her now!


I had the DISTINCT PLEASURE of talking with Amaya  for an entire two hours today, one hour of which was her excellent fixed stars consult!!! I already love stars (duh) but the way Amaya cohered my parans into an Extremely Relevant arc was just ugh SO GOOD & AFFIRMING


Amaya gave me a natal chart reading yesterday and it was so insightful and informative! She gave me new ways of understanding the aspects of my chart I have a hard time seeing. i'm very excited about my Bacchic Jupiter


Ok I literally can’t say enough how much I absolutely adore Amaya. I had a lunar shapeshifting reading with her back in May and now I had a fixed star reading. TLDR; It was so incredibly affirming and well explained!!!!! Amaya masterfully weaved history and mythology with delineations and connections to my chart and life. All the components came together into a clear story by the end of the journey around the sky, paired with relevant gentle advice and guidance. esp needed for my Saturn return. Fixed stars can go so far beyond looking at conjunctions on a circle chart, and it’s so amazing to have someone with more expertise break it down! Everyone needs this reading!!!


My reading with Amaya was quite enchanting even the stars say I am following the right path and I just hope it’s going somewhere where I can honor and thank Algol for being on my side in this life


My siren song reading with Amaya was amazing, super informative & left me feeling so validated & capable!! Thank you so much for your energy today! GO BOOK RIGHT NOW!!


Received such an affirming and insightful reading on the stars in my chart from Amaya today. So appreciate her generosity with her time and knowledge! Not to mention the added bonus of her experience on the plant path. Always a joy to meet a kindred spirit.


Jumping on the Amaya recommendation train. I’ve never had such a thoughtful + comprehensive reading. Also: I DON’T FEEL SOFA KING CRAZY ANYMORE! So many revelations. I wish this had happened sooner, but she was worth the wait.


I am now caffeinated after some super fun early morning astrology with Amaya!!! Love how she broke down my super busy year ahead piece by piece and I maybe already have bought the suggested remediation materia over breakfast haha thank you so so much!


I had a lunar rhythms and lunar shapeshifting reading today with Amaya and it was truly such a wonderful experience! Amaya is incredibly knowledgeable, warm, was patient with my tech issues, and just made me feel really excited to learn more, especially about fixed stars. Absolutely 100% would recommend getting a reading from her, whether you’re new to astrology or more experienced. She even gave me tea recommendations, which is the way to my heart!


A big thank you 2 Amaya 4 the awesome consultation yesterday! She answered all my ?'s & was encouraging & supportive throughout. I particularly loved how she wove the Fixed Stars in & managed to elucidate some of the puzzles in my life/chart. Thank u for the insight!!


Just had a lunar rhythms and lunar shapeshifting astrological consultation with Amaya. that was just wonderful. Extremely thoughtful, integrated, & insightful. Super helpful for clarifying big picture issues in my life right now, and I’ll be chewing on it for a while. Highly recommended!!


Amaya gave me an incredible reading that was crammed with information, helped ground me in the year to come and I walked away practical tips to deal with it all. So grateful to you, Amaya, and really enjoyed it!


I had the pleasure of once again receiving a lunar shapeshifting reading from Amaya and I just have to repeat, in case you have somehow previously missed my praise of her, how absolutely wonderful and gifted she is. Even while explaining less-than-pleasant configurations she maintained such gentle and compassionate energy. If you are looking for a consult with an empathetic and informed astrologer, I can’t recommend her enough.


Public shout out to Amaya!!! During my fixed star reading she recommended milk thistle tincture and ACV to help my stupid sinuses. I’ve been using them both for a week and WOW I can breathe?!?!?! All day??? And night??? With both nostrils??? I’m not in pain?!?!?!


I had a super wonderful fixed star reading with Amaya this morning which was such a treat while I’m digesting my notes tonight I pulled out my Cosmos tarot + oracle for the first time in awhile for some visuals for reflection. I have a lot to think about but what was so special about Amaya’s reading was that, while I’ve gotten to know and be friends with my chart over the years, the fixed stars added new depth + specificity. I’m looking back at my planetary placements now and admiring with fresh eyes the ways in which they tell a story with the sky as a whole. big exciting work to do on the themes of creativity, artistic uses of anger+trauma response, and physicality!


I would be lying if i said I didn’t reference something Amaya said in my lunar shapeshifting reading EVERY DAY since we had it


I do routine magical Jupiter and Mercury remediation (rule my luminaries + angles, both debilitated), as well as w Venus (Saturn-ruled L2). I just had my unemployment case reopen after months of nothing and got over 5k added to my account yesterday.