To bind thro' mad desire

Venus has stationed. Eruption of any kind between you and other people will require some repair. Understanding desire and how that affects you and the people in your life is the key to healing damaged bonds.

To bind thro' mad desire


Did you feel the blossoming of clarity as Venus stopped dancing backwards and stationed still this weekend? Much like a plant, this clarity will have been growing inside of you (with evidence outside of you) while Venus is retrograde. In particular, this retrograde had much to do with the true desires of your heart–something that you cannot deny for long without there being dire consequences.

As it’s been talked about on social media for the last couple of months, this Venus retrograde seemed to create the Summer of break-ups. When we become acutely aware of the longing of desire within ourselves, it’s much like a ticking time-bomb until change must detonate the complacency we’ve fallen into.

The level of detonation  is determined by how much you’ve compromised your heart’s true desires. For some of us, it just requires a little course correction. But even course correcting means disruption to the status-quo.

"I saw that you were perfect, and so I loved you. Then I saw that you were not perfect and I loved you even more." - Angelita Lim

Eruption of any kind between you and other people will require some repair. Understanding desire and how that affects you and the people in your life is the key to healing damaged bonds.

My partner Damien and I made a class for time such as these–which recognizes that relational repair goes as deep as the spiritual and can be aided by the magical. And these skills can be used for relationships of any kind, whether they are romantic, platonic, business, or familial.


As a gift, I’m giving you a sneak peak into some of the content of this class on the topic of desire and energetic connection:

For most, the subject of desire is a vague, abstract one.

Therefore, let's kick off tonight by talking about...desire.

When you desire someone, the emotional energy found in your astral body extends outward. If you haven’t taken a previous class with us, I will very quickly break down the model we use for how humans are constructed.

(The supplementary material for this workshop gives a deeper explanation of this model.)

Every human has three bodies or components of our being.

  1. Mental Body: which is pure consciousness. Non-emotional awareness. Pure thought.
  2. Astral Body: which is personal meaning and emotional energy. This aspect reacts to the mental body. You have a thought (mental body), and your astral body has an emotional response based on what that thought means to you.
  3. Physical body, which now feels the neurochemicals of the emotions. This is your flesh and blood body.

(Again, be sure to study the supplementary material for a deeper understanding of the three bodies.)

Okay, again, when you desire someone, the emotional energy found in your astral body extends outward. This emotional energy reaches out with finger-like streams in an attempt to form a type of psychic, energetic connection.

I think I'm safe to say that most of us have felt someone watching us in a crowded room. Or, you meet someone, and somehow you know they desire you, even when their expressions reveal nothing.

It's a feeling. A very tangible sense is often around the base of your skull or along your spine.

We often take that feeling for granted.

But have you ever wondered what causes that feeling? Not what the feeling means, but the process behind it?

Please allow me to present an idea to you

When you sense someone watching you or feel that someone is interested in you, you often feel their desire reaching out in a type of astral cord—a thin, gossamer finger-like connecting material of emotional energy.

Gifted psychics can see these etheric cords reaching out like fingers or tentacles.

Most of us can at least feel them.

If you can sense or feel these thin threads of emotional energy, what happens when two people do the same to one another?

Think about it.

I want you to look at your two hands. One hand with fingers extended and the other with fingers closed.

Each hand represents a person.


These fingers represent the emotional energy of desire. Desire reaches out and closes around whatever is being desired and grips it. The fingers act like magic chains that bind.

When one hand is closed, it's more difficult for the other hand to get a firm hold with its finger-like energy.

But...on the other hand (har har)...

If two people share a mutual desire for each other, then each person's cord-like energies now entangle within the other person's fingers.

Each hand now becomes entangled or locked together.

This entanglement can be incredibly strong depending on the level of mutual attraction. So much so that physical distance between the two can be emotionally painful. It's like this magnetic power is dragging the two people back together.

This attraction can sometimes become so strong that it overrides common sense. Something literally takes over the mind.

(More on this later.)

It's important to mention that these finger-like astral cords act like tubes or water hoses. They are made stronger by powerful emotions, while they are also the conduit for these emotions.

They make possible the flow of emotional energy between two people.

It makes sense why the Orphic Hymn to Venus says:

"In magic CHAINS…to bind…thro' mad Desire."

These finger-like cords act like chains that bind two or more people Through mad desire for one another!

(Just a side comment, this understanding will open up all kinds of new insights into the workings of magic and ritual. There are layers to this that I don't have time to mention. This is simply a PSA to continue digging deeper into this.)

So…back to our hand analogy.

If you intentionally lock your fingers together, two connected hands become incredibly strong and very hard to break apart.

When we say strong emotions make these cords stronger, we aren't JUST talking about positive emotions. Powerful, lower emotions like resentment, anger, hate, jealousy, and so on strengthen these cords.

Often the lower emotions strengthen the cords more powerfully than positive emotions.

Why is that?

This is a consequence of living in the times that we do. Life for most of us is so survival-based that we readily feel lower emotions more thoroughly than elevated ones. So rare is the person who can step into love and peace as quickly as most of us can feel anger, fear, anxiety, and so on.

Remember, these finger-like cords aren't just 'feel good' cords. They are astral connections made from emotional energy. Any emotional energy.

(This will become incredibly important to remember when it comes time to heal certain relationships in your life.)

What happens when a relationship breaks apart?

When two people who once deeply cared for one another have a hard breakup, they can still be powerfully bound together even though they are separated.

Obsessed partners, stalkers, ex's who try to wreck the lives of the other, sometimes years after the breakup - in situations like these, you're seeing these chains still binding one to the other.

If you take two hands and connect them, like two people in love, you see the connection is strong. But, even if one partner wants out, you can make one hand go completely limp or even try and pull away…

If the other hand holds on, that connection, that binding is still incredibly powerful.

This understanding is behind 'cord-cutting' rituals to free one person from another.

Try it for yourself. Connect your two hands tight. Let one hand go limp, but the other still hangs on. Now, try to pull them apart.

Okay, so we see how these cords of finger-like energy can create incredible bonds.

I know the above material sounded dire for a romantic love workshop. But, understanding how all of this works will empower you to do incredible good in any relationship.

There is something wonderful and magical made possible here.

Also, understanding this will be vital when healing a relationship is needed.

Because there's much more to these finger-like cords of emotional energy. You are seeing something else at play, also.

Which we will get into in the full workshop…

When a relationship is healthy, and both partners welcome these deep connections, that's when that conscious entanglement can create something breathtaking.

The word 'create' is both appropriate and literal. Because of this astral entanglement, the collective emotional energy of both partners combined....does something amazing!

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